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Medium: Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: The Black Sisters (Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa)
Title: Born To Darkness
Warnings: Angst, War, References/Mentions Of (Canonical) Character Deaths

Born to Darkness
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Medium: Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: The Black Sisters
Title: And The Glass Is Breaking Down
Warnings/Notes: Maybe some slight language? Nothing major

you don't know me, never will, never will,
i'm outside your picture frame and the glass is breaking down
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Medium: Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Andromeda Black
Title: Rebel Heart
Warnings: Pretty emotional with maybe some slight language?
Notes: After the war, Andromeda, the rebel heart, reflects on the most important happenings in her life; each song represents a certain memory.

One day I'll fly away, leave all this to yesterday.
What more could your love do for me? When will love be through with me?
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